Wednesday, 4 September 2013

More from the Willows

I made another brief visit after work to Reculver to see if I could photograph the Willow Emerald Damselflies, ideally a shot with the wings open. I have found this shot a bit of a challenge as often the head is in focus and the tail is not or the other way around, a bit frustrating. I ended up using the 300mm lens today and found myself standing well back to try to get the whole body in focus. I kind of succeeded but still not quite there yet, much more room for improvement I think and I will have to think of another plan of attack. I ended up seeing 31 Willow Emerald Damselfly in the area, a great number to see and also seen were a good number of Migrant Hawker as well as Common Blue Damselfly with a few Common Darter noted.  

Willow Emerald Damselfly

Migrant Hawker


  1. Some great shots Marc, so close to perfection.

  2. Hey-hey!
    How gorgeous!
    I am so happy that you confirm how good you are at dragon pics! ;-)
    I haven't seen the Migrant hawker this season! :(
    This is magnificent, Marc, would look great on our "Dragonfly World"...!!!
    Cheerio, keep well!

    1. Hi again Marc!
      Your post looks great on our blog, but it looks like 2 photos are missing!
      Also I have added the tags but I am not too sure the area... I added Kent!
      May I ask you to add the tags when you publish, it would save me the time! ;-)
      Thanks again, your photos are superb!

    2. Hi Marc!
      I have sent you a couple of E-mails but it seems you didn't get them...
      It would be great if you could sens me an E-mail - you'll find it at the top right of my blog - this way I'll have yours and we can exchange privately.

      To add labels (tags) in Blogspot when you have opened the window to publish a message (post or article), you have a column on right hand side. Click at the top where you should see written something like "tags" or "Labels". There you write the dragonfly family (Orthetrum), the species (Orthetrum cancellatum), you name (Marc Heath), ENGLAND and the area (Sissinhurst), for example. Most words will already show up as you start writing the first characters.
      If you still have a problem, I will send you a screen capture through mail.
      Cheerio, I hope you will shoot soon more dragons! ;-)