Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Silent Silhouettes!

The next few weeks will hopefully see me return to a Barn Owl site in East Kent to watch them go about their business. I spent a good few evenings last year grabbing a few pleasing shots of the species and on a few occasions wanted to capture them as a silhouette as they flew past by silently. Often the sky was not that good for them but on a few lucky nights I was able to obtain the shots below. Although not full of colour, there is something special about a view like this of a Barn Owl. Hopefully this years visits will yield lots more photos of this lovely species.

Barn Owl


  1. The Barn Owl silhouetting, lovely arrangement.

  2. Fantastic!!!. Love it. Congrats and regards.

  3. Marc,
    I hope the weather plays ball this year - not looking particularly good at the moment though. Good luck with your Barn owl quest :-)