Monday, 13 May 2013

Planning to See Pearls and Dukes!

Weather permitting I shall hopefully over the weekend be paying visits to Abbots Wood in East Sussex for Pearl bordered Fritillary, a butterfly I have never seen and more locally, the Duke of Burgundy at Denge Woods near Canterbury. A few Dukes have been seen in the last few days which prompted me to have a look at some old photos taken back in 2006 with a Nikon Coolpix 7600 digital camera. This was one of my first cameras and still today, I am very happy with these shots and these will be hard to match I think. The weather does not look great at the moment for the weekend but I just hope I get the chance to see the Pearl Bordered Fritillary and maybe a shot or two of them. In the meantime here are a few Duke of Burgundy shots.

Duke of Burgundy


  1. Superb set of images Marc- lovely close-up and really crisp

  2. As you say Marc,
    be hard to reproduce those efforts, especially if this bloody weather doesn't settle down!

  3. Hope your plans to see 'Pearls and Dukes' bears fruit, and with some pics anything like as good as these will do nicely thank you very much Marc.

    More great stuff with the D of B here Marc.

    1. I hope so Pete. Having seen a few underwing shots of the Pearls, I really hope a few are posing for some shots

  4. very nice pictures.. Love it.. Congrats..

  5. They are superb Marc, getting better seems nigh on impossible :-)