Sunday, 20 January 2013

Stuck Indoors!

With the snow falling all day and the thought of getting stuck somewhere in the car I spent the day at home making snowmen with the kids and snowballing anyone who got too close in the neighborhood. The snow can bring some excellent birding delights but I very much look forward to the dragonfly season this year in particular now that I actually have a much better idea on what I am looking at. With so many photos lost last year I thought I would do up a few shots from last year to pass the afternoon away.

Migrant Hawker

 Four spotted Chaser

Broad bodied Chaser

Common Darter 

Common Blue Damselfly


  1. Sounds like a good day building the snowman and all. Can't wait for the summer months and hopefully all those brilliant d'flies and your equally brilliant images of them Marc.

  2. Very nice images Marc, but what cheers me is the light, look at it, blinding :-) :-)

  3. magnifica serie la primera espectacular un saludo

  4. Great reminders of the summer Marc

  5. Spectacular shots! The detail is fantastic!

  6. Boa foto, gosto do enquadramento e gostei de ver o teu blog, vejo que gostas de macrofotografia, visita o meu blog em

  7. Well, as a passionate about dragons also, I appreciate this bad weather that got you to publish these!
    Everyone of those pics is gorgeous!
    Not easy to 'catch' a female Broad bodied Chaser that well!
    And if I got lovely wheels of A. juncea and Anax imperator, the Migrant Hawker wheel has eluded me up to now! :(
    You are lucky!
    The Hawker in flight is brilliant!
    Lovely to admire this stuff here!