Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Looking Back Already (Part 1)

It may be a bit early I suppose but with only a few weeks to go until Christmas and with the dark mornings and evenings here and all the rain we are having at the moment, I thought I would in the next few weeks put up a few of my favourite photos of the dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies that I have seen throughout the year. This year has seen me spending more time than ever trying to capture these fascinating insects on camera and I must admit it has become very addictive. To the outsider it may look a bit weird when someone walks by and I am laying in the grass snapping away but I have learnt a lot about the different species that are on offer throughout the months. I suppose pride of place as far as rarities go would go to the Norfolk Hawker I found at Chislet, only the 3rd ever record for Kent. Found by pure accident whilst photographing Barn Owls but just goes to show you never know what out there to be found. 

Norfolk Hawker

 Male Banded Demoiselle

Female Banded Demoiselle

 Broad bodied Chaser

Migrant Hawker

I had seen a few photos of Common Blue damselflies hiding behind stems with their eyes looking around them giving a very weird view so with this in mind I was always on the look out for a view like this myself. It took ages and many sessions until one day I found just what I was looking for. I spent some time photographing this excellent view with a few pleasing results.

Common Blue Damselfly


  1. Good to be taking another look at these brilliant and often fascinating images once more Marc.

    A motto of mine, having been reminded by your comment....'you never know what's out there to be found'.

    Not what you will see, but rather what you might, the element of surprise never fails to delight.

    Best Wishes Marc.

  2. It's great to look back on Dragonflies. The summer is over, not very nice at least, but you caught the dragons, brilliant photos.

  3. I remember most of these! They're fantastic! Excellent detail!

  4. Wonderful photos and superb clarity!

  5. Getting out there and photographing these insects is the best way to ID them and remember what they are :-) Roll on summer :-)

  6. Stunning images ! Just superb ! Congratulations to you Marc