Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The End May Be Near!!

Well where do I start! I had noticed on my mobile that all of my photos from blogger were on there and I do not know how they got there. I can only assume that I must have done something with the blog and they appeared. Anyway I did not want hundreds on my phone so taking some advice from a few I decided to delete them all. Well what brilliant advice that was as they all got deleted from the blog and now I am left with a blog with no photos, in other words a waste of time and space. I am actually quite depressed at it as I have put a lot of time into it and for not much. I am going to have a think about what to do next. Its nearly that time of year when I start thinking about next year and where to bird etc. I may do Reculver or the Stour Valley, who knows as I will change my mind every other day I suspect. I fancy just a photo blog with very little words and maybe linking it to the Stour Valley site. Anyway before I rant on anymore here is a shot of the Lapland Bunting taken today at Reculver. thankfully the sun was kind of out and the fog has gone. Also 1 male Ring Ouzel seen on the rocks by Coldharbour.

Lapland Bunting


  1. I see what you mean Marc. All your pics. on all your blogs have dissappeared.

  2. Marc....What can I say other than I know how you must be feeling right now. I'm at a complete loss as to what has happened here. It probably won't help you or your feelings just now but I need to satisfy myself with some idea about it all and will be approaching at last one 'wizard' I Know.

    For goodness sake please make a fresh start and do it all again....PLEASE.

  3. I don't know you, but I love yr blog, and regularly check it!!! PLEASE don't stop! :)

  4. Marc , really sorry to hear about whats happened, but like others have said you bloggers keep a lot of us non bloggers very happy with your updates and photos. Hopefully you will continue after some thought on the matter.

  5. Marc, for what it's worth, lots of us get lots of pleasure from your beautiful photos - so please do carry on......

  6. That's awful, Marc! I hate to hear that. Trying to put the photos back one post at a time would be very time consuming. I'm sure it's a sickening feeling to have lost everything. I hope you'll consider starting over, so to speak, or continuing new from here. Your photos are fantastic.

  7. Hi Mark. Bugs - that's rotten. I echo what Mark James Pearson says above. I get a huge amount of pleasure from your pictures. I do hope you carry on. Is there a data recovery programme you can use on the phone memory card? Mel

  8. I can only agree with all the above, it's always a pleasure to view blogs like yours with stunning photography, so I hope you keep it going.

  9. What a catastrophe Marc :-(

    As I said on my blog post to you, blogger only lets you keep so much for free, then you have to delete older posts/photo's to free up space, I can only keep the most recent two years photo's, but it depends on the size and quantity of photo's you put on every day .

  10. Hi Marc
    Really sorry to hear about your lost photos.
    Just wondering if you might have any luck trying a data recovery programme with your phone?

    Your blog is one of the first I read, so even if it is not possible to retrieve the lost photos I hope you will continue to post new photos for the many people who greatly enjoy your blog.

  11. 206 followers testifies to the success of your blog Marc. Always great pictures, I would be very sorry if you stopped but hope to follow whatever you do i.e. website, blog, facebook etc. Regards Mike
    PS don't get down the suns out at the weekend!

  12. I'm having another three pennyworth on this one.

    You can see the support you have, and I'm asking you again....keep on keeping on Marc.

    Kind Regards


  13. Hi Marc, I've been blogging since 2006. I think you should chin up and keep going. Youll soon forget about the missing shots.

    Warren - In my 6 years I have never had to delete ANY photos from my blog.

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  15. Many thanks for positive comments. Its nice to know people were looking. I will gradualy get over it. I do have all the originals on memory stick and when i get a moment i will make a new header etc. I will just coast towards the new year and see where it takes me.

  16. Hi Marc. Just catching up after returning from Morocco with a gippy tummy. So sorry to hear of your loss of images, but please don't give up. As others before have said, your blog gives a huge amount of pleasure to a lot of people. You can tell this not just from the response to this post, but by looking back at the comments you've received in the past - even if those posts are now imageless. The world needs blogs like yours for inspiration.

    Now to the present - that's a superb image of the Lapland Bunting! Keep feeding us more, please!