Sunday, 12 October 2014

Gone But Not Forgotten!

After a brief walk at Reculver this morning where the notebook wasn't troubled at all the clouds rolled in early afternoon at home which gave me another chance to look through some images taken throughout the year. I must have taken hundreds of the Norfolk Hawkers at Westbere this year and spent many hours trying to capture them at rest, in flight and mating with some pleasing outcomes The results were lots of shots on memory sticks that hopefully as the cold winter approaches I can look through and find a few to post and remember those warm sunny days back in the summer! Hopefully this species will have another good year at Westbere next year, it certainly looks promising for the near future.

Norfolk Hawker


  1. Never forget it, excellent photos Marc.

  2. It was a good summer indeed, as far as English summers go :-) Lets hope the Odonata offspring of this year get a good one next.

    1. I hope so Warren. I think as more people start looking the odd species may turn up here in Kent.

  3. Lovely shots Marc certainly hope next year proves to be as fruitful as this one.

  4. I couldn't make it in the flight season this year but I sure hope I can get to see a Kent Norfolk Hawker next year, along with all those Emerald Damsel types!!

  5. Once again superb images,you should give up your day job.
    Would be interested to know what's in your kit bag.