Thursday, 14 August 2014

It All Turned Out Good In The End!

This morning with the sun shining the family went for a bike ride down to Reculver and along the seawall to Minnis Bay where we went crabbing for a while and had a drink and ice cream. After an hour or so we decided to cycle back but looking back towards Reculver it did not look good with dark clouds swarming the skies and the wind really picking up. We went for it only about half way to cycle into a very heavy rain storm. After getting totally soaked we dropped the bikes and jumped over the seawall to shelter for a bit and when it slowly stopped, made our way back home. We eventually got back dripping to say the least but were soon dry again and laughing about the adventure, well the wife and I were, not sure about the girls. Later this afternoon with the sun peeking out again I went down to Reculver where I spent and hour and hoped for some dragonfly action, maybe a flight shot of a Migrant Hawker I thought. Better was in store for as I watched a few Migrant Hawker flying around I saw a large Hawker looking for somewhere to rest up. It was maturing male Southern Hawker, one of the dragonflies I really wanted to get a few decent shots of. With the sun in and out it soon landed low down where I was able to grab a few shots, not the best angle and background again but I was very happy to have a least got the camera on to it.

Maturing Male Southern Hawker

As The sun come out it had a little fly around and soon landed again at head height where I was able to get into a few positions and rattle off a number of shots of this corker of a Hawker. It seemed quite oblivious to me being there and let me get quite close and get the desired shots of this species I have been after.

Maturing Male Southern Hawker

I left him in peace after a while and wandered back noting 1 Willow Emerald Damselfly at rest and plenty of Common and Blue tailed Damselfly in the long grass. Hopefully weather permitting, I am going to Thursley Common tomorrow to possibly see a new dragonfly, the Common (Moorland) Hawker which despite its name is not at all present in Kent and Thursley I believe is right on its eastern range. There are only a few present but l will give it a go. Hopefully Black Darter, Small Red Damselfly and a whole host of dragonflies will be seen with a few hopefully posing for the camera in the sunshine......... fingers crossed.

Maturing Male Southern Hawker


  1. Well done Marc,
    I'm glad I posted the Wheatear shots I got today, as all i would of had were some Southern Hawker shots, much the same as yours! I'll will post them soon though :-)

  2. Excellent 'work' on the Southern Hawker Marc. Good luck for tomorrows trip to Thursley Common.

    1. Cheers Pete. Not sure the weather is going to hold. I will have to check early morning. If not a trip local somewhere for some sort of challenge.