Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Chance to Catch Up

No visit today as I had family and garden commitments but an hour this afternoon gave me the chance to go through a few photos from the last few sessions. Whilst out yesterday there were good numbers of Black tailed Skimmer flying around, many in tandem whilst other males basked in the sunshine waiting for passing females. They can be quite difficult to approach but after a while I was in a position where I could get a few shots, not the greatest background but no doubt nice and warm for them to heat up.

Black tailed Skimmer

Emperor Dragonflies are starting to look quite tatty now, all those battles and defending territories are starting to take their toll so it was nice to be able to creep up on one and take a few shots from the side before it shot off for a days defending.

Emperor Dragonfly

Whilst I was looking for exuvia and walking around in the water I come across a stick with c15 damselfly exuvia all over it. This must be a popular take off point and provided me with a nice photo opportunity of the final point before they made their first flights.

A Stick full of Exuvia

More family stuff tomorrow but I might have a brief window early morning until 9am if I am lucky and the weather works in my favour.


  1. A lot of Damselflies have taken advantage of that take off area. Is that a spider I can see waiting for his lunch of a damselfly nymph?

    1. I think you are right Bob although I can't claim to have noticed yesterday when I took the shot. No doubt he knows that dinner may appear soon.

  2. Been having a bit of trouble commenting on your blog Marc, looks ok now :-)

    Those Dew covered Damsels from yesterday are really excellent mate, a great idea, and a brilliant way to spend an early morning :-) Wish there were a few more Damsels here, i like to try some ''dewy'' images of my own.

    I like that perch in todays post, just sit and wait for the next one to emerge!

    1. I hope to do a few more of these shots. Need to get out earlier for these and find a really covered individual before the sun rises. I think these shots look fabulous if you get it right.

  3. A lot of things need to be in your favour Marc...more than usual!