Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Golden Moments This Year!

With another evening of cloudy skies and gale force winds, this has at least let me look through the hundreds of photos that I have yet to look at. Like the Purple Emperor is to the butterfly world, this is the feeling I get when I see a Golden ringed Dragonfly for the first time every year. To see this large black and yellow dragonfly cruising up and down the streams in the New Forest was a pleasure and even better when a few decided to perch up and allow the camera to go into a frenzy. Although I have posted a few shots a few weeks ago, I can't resist a few more of this stunning dragonfly which is quite scarce believe it or not in Kent with only a few sites that it can be seen at. Maybe I will get another chance this year with some Kent ones, but if not, I was able to grab a few pleasing images of this beauty.

Male Golden ringed Dragonfly


  1. Say no more, but, it's beautiful.

  2. Stunning shots Marc. Love Golden-ringed probably my favourite dragonfly

  3. Great shots Marc not seen any local ones yet.

  4. Hi Marc,
    These are 2 magnificent photos!
    The background, the stream water I guess, is gorgeous and Mr Gold stands out exquisitely!
    I published its cousin recently, a female C. bidentata, in the Pyrenees! I was so thrilled!
    Take care!

  5. I got to see my first G R Dragons whilst in Wales Marc, I took hundreds of photo's of them, I'll take you lead and put a few on my blog later, they really are stunners ;-)