Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Waiting for the Wheatear's

With a few more days to go until I can think about birding for a few hours I was looking through some shots tonight from a few years back when I found some nice Wheatear shots. I have taken quite a few over the years at Reculver but I think pride of place probably goes to this male that I photographed at Grove Ferry back in April 2012. With no cyclists, joggers and dog walkers at Grove Ferry I was able to get quite close to this individual and sit for c15 minutes while it hopped around feeding, during this time it moved nearer to me. Often at Grove Ferry photos can be a challenge unless you are in a hide but on this occasion the moment and timing were just right. I don't think any have arrived on the reserve as of yet but hopefully with the water dropping they will appear soon in the fields and fence posts around the reserve.



  1. BRILLIANT....Bird and photography.

  2. Yes, a couple of days and they will be here. Love the Wheatear, you're photographs are superb....

  3. Love Wheatears - they seemed to be everywhere last year and looking forward to seeing them again

  4. Nice shots Marc, this year version won't be long I am sure.

  5. Perfection Marc, the light, the contrast, depth of field, the lot. It will be hard to get an opportunity to better those shots any time soon!

  6. Stunning close-ups Marc!
    Brilliant photos!
    I just Love your banner!
    Keep well!