Wednesday, 19 March 2014

This Time Next Month!

As mentioned in earlier posts last year I very much got into dragonflies and spent much of last summer adding new species I had never seen before. I managed to see 34 species in 2013, most of which were seen in Kent but a few visits out of the county were taken for those that cannot be seen in Kent. As the title suggests, it won't be long now until the first dragonflies and damselflies emerge, the first being the Large Red Damselfly which will hopefully appear anytime from mid April and quickly followed by the Hairy Dragonfly. Like last year I am very much looking forward to the season, trying to see a few more new species as well as trying to better the shots obtained, hopefully with the new lens as well if I am lucky. A couple of shots below show probably my best Large Red Damselfly and Hairy Dragonfly shots to date so far. 

Large Red Damselfly

Hairy Dragonfly


  1. Well, we shall certainly watch out for your dragonflies, they were tremendous, in fact, the new lens had better than the last one, hard job to beat.

  2. Straight into the 'amazing' category Marc.

  3. Patience Marc, I can see you're chomping at the bit ! :-) God I hope we get some kind of decent weather this spring or it could all turn sour :-(

    My aim is to photograph a patch Hairy Dragon, not often seen here, so it's a hard challenge ;-)