Sunday, 29 September 2013

Red Alert at Reculver!

I had planned to stay in today but when news broke this morning of a Red breasted Flycatcher on the patch, I made plans to make a visit to Reculver to hopefully catch up with this rare Reculver species, the last one in the area being 20th October 1999 which I managed to see. On arrival there were a few birders who had seen the bird but it was generally elusive. Due to a local resident not wanting birders in the caravan park we had to view from the outside which made the task quite a challenge indeed. Eventually after a patient wait the Red breasted Flycatcher came into view for a few seconds before it moved off again into the bushes. Not the best view but a great species to see on the patch and its been a while since the last one. I stayed on for a bit longer and hoped the Flycatcher would appear in a small gap with some convenient bare branches. It appeared briefly a few more times before at last it flew into the open gap and landed on one of the branches. I had about 5 seconds of firing off a few shots before it flew off again out of sight, not the best efforts and a bit noisy but a record nonetheless of a great bird. It was nice to catch up with some other Kent birders for a chat and whilst there we also noted a few Swallow going through, 4 Redwing, 1 Brambling calling, 2 Chiffchaff, 20 Migrant Hawker, a few Common Darter and 1 Willow Emerald Damselfly. I certainly didn't wake up this morning with this cracker in mind today, the beauty of birding. 

Red breasted Flycatcher


  1. A nice surprise indeed Marc, nice to see your patience paid off and you got a few images.

  2. Good to see you today, hope you don't mind that I've nicked your photo for my blog,again.Have a good day at "work" tomorrow.Hopefully catch up properly soon.

  3. Nice one Marc, hope people finally understood they weren't to go into the caravan park!

  4. Hi Marc,
    Just saw your comment on our Dragonfly blog... I left you an answer!
    Well about taking great shots of phantom birds that appear briefly, I know only too well what you mean, especially when the light is not at its best!
    But considering the trouble you went through and the trip, it was well worth it.
    And... you hadn't seen it in so many years! So... congratulations!
    I have just posted a Bluethroat on 1000-Pattes, my very first!

  5. Nice capture Marc, not easy to get in those conditions.

  6. Nice capture Marc, not easy to get in those conditions.