Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Looking Back (Sept 2009)

With the birding a bit quiet at the moment I was looking through some old photos when I come across a file named 'Dotterel- Sandwich Bay, 1st September 2009'. I remember the day well when I made a visit to see a Dotterel on the beach which was showing quite well. I spent an hour or so taking photos as the Dotterel was only a metre or so away and at times walking in amongst the birders who were there. A fantastic experience and nice to see the photos again. 



  1. Thats a great record to have Marc, especially so as you've got some cracking images of it :-) Not sure about that blue string in the last image! :-)

    1. That's what I used so it would stand still for photos!!

  2. I remember it well Marc, I had just joined SBBOT and was told it was down at the beach, I got a lift down with Gadget and eventually we found it, it was so tame.. My first and only Dotterel until distant views of one at Bockhill a couple of weeks ago. My icon photo is this bird on Flickr. Superb photos Marc, I took lots too but didn't have the gear I have now.. I wish eh!!

  3. Hello Mark,
    splendid photographies !!!! this is great!

  4. Marc, this is a gorgeous series of captures!

  5. Marc, this is a gorgeous series of captures!

  6. As I was looking for the link to your blog, I saw your comment on Dragonfly World come in! ;-)
    Many thanks for that!
    This is a beautiful post of a bird I have yet to see.
    I know the feeling when the birds don't mind you and walk up unafraid with even some curiosity!
    If only mankind could wise enough to stop shooting our feathered friends... we would live in paradise!
    Enjoy your WE!