Sunday, 30 June 2013

What Am I Turning In To?

A few more shots from Yesterday when I visited Hothfield Nature Reserve near Ashford. Whilst watching the Keeled Skimmers there were a good number of Orchids in flower which I have since found out were Heath Spotted Orchids. I must be getting old as I have started to take photos of flowers and even googling Orchids in Kent and when they flower, whatever next!

Heath Spotted Orchid (I think)

I have to admit they do look very nice though and at least they stay still for a photo unlike every subject I decide to more or less photograph. After leaving I spent some time in East Blean Woods and photographed some Heath Fritillary butterflies and my first Large Skipper. Again the 10d has worked quite well here.

Large Skipper

Heath Fritillary

Hopefully I will get the call this week and my camera will be back and ready for next weekend. In the mean time I shall spend the week planning my next Orchid, Dragonfly, Bird and Butterfly trips and maybe get out if I am lucky after work during the week.

Heath Fritillary


  1. The 10d has certainly worked quite well, and so did you to make it do so....these are brilliant.

    Don't think getting old has any connection with you photographing flowers, just broadening your interest Marc.

  2. It's ALL wildlife.
    Do you not get any wind down there in Kent. The Orchids up here are always on the move !!!

  3. These Butterflies/Dragons/damsels are getting quite addictive Marc, I'm spending more and more time chasing them around and forget to look up for those big Raptors that might pass by :-)

    Lots more species to emerge yet as well :-)

  4. Hang in there Marc I hope you get your camera back soon, still you got some cracking images with the old 10d.