Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Catching Up!

The last few days have seen me taking a few shots whenever I can of Dragonflies and Damselflies at Westbere and Reculver. In the last couple of years I have become more interested in them having not really known the identity of many as they have flown by but I am slowly getting there. As ever, there is so much to learn but capturing these winged wonders on camera has been pretty good and with so many species unseen by me I look forward to the rest of the year. I was also treated the other day to a Stoat moving young rabbits across an opening. At first I thought it was moving its own young as I know they do this but soon saw that they were indeed dinner, no doubt for young hungry mouths. Its often hard to see a Stoat and it must have moved 6 or 7 rabbits across the opening so it was pleasing to capture this secretive animal on the camera. A few busy days ahead but I can't wait for the next outing to see what Dragonflies are on the wing to be captured. Hopefully this good weather will continue.


 Azure Damselfly

Variable Damselfly

Teneral Red Eyed Damselfly

 Hairy Dragonfly

Scarce Chaser


  1. Good to see that Stoat came out ok Marc :-)

    Got some great shots of those Odonata species there, and good species some are too!

  2. wow that mouse is almost as large as he is

  3. Marc ,
    Love those Stoat shots .
    The sort of opportunity you dream of . One day !

  4. Fantastic entry here, Marc!
    Encountering a weasel in full daylight is just incredible..... and with "food" for its young!
    Are you sure its a rabbit???
    The dragonfly pics are amazing, Brachytron pratense is one I have never seen yet!
    Just brilliant!
    Cheers, enjoys your Sunday!

  5. After second thought, yes, I think your are right about the rabbit, that is what they look like when they are newborn! ;-)