Friday, 9 May 2014

'Wheel' of Fortune!

With a busy family weekend planned and the likelihood of not getting out I made a visit to Westbere Lakes after work as the sun was shining. There was also a 20mph wind which made for a challenge and I hoped that a few of the sheltered spots would deliver a few dragonflies. On arrival on the bike there were indeed hundreds of Variable Damselflies with good numbers of Blue tailed Damselflies and a few Red eyed Damselflies. I walked up to the river and back but spent most of the time watching 8 Hairy Dragonfly flying around and landing in the reeds. I have taken a few nice shots so far of both male and female Hairy Dragonflies but the shot I wanted to get was a pair mating in the wheel position. As they flew around I caught sight of a pair flying around and eventually they landed nearby. Using a bit of stealth and patience I was able to get quite near and capture the shot I have been after for a few weeks now.

Hairy Dragonflies Mating in the 'Wheel' Position

I also saw a second pair mating further into the reeds. I have seen these shots in magazines and books so it was nice to get a decent quality image myself of this moment in time. I left them for a while and wandered on where I saw 5 Banded Demoiselle near the river along with the other common damselflies.

Mating Female Hairy Dragonfly 

Mating Male Hairy Dragonfly

Walking back to the entrance the Hairy Dragonflies were seen again where a few more shots were taken and I also had lovely views of a female and male Hairy Dragonfly which posed very nicely in the sunshine, the male letting me approach very closely for some shots of which I will post over the weekend. Another successful session and very pleased with the results again. Roll on the next session!

Mating Hairy Dragonflies


  1. Yes another one of the hairy dragonfly, and it was worth a million. They are enjoyed it, a real pleasure.

  2. Great set Marc still not seen one this year

  3. They seem in good numbers at the moment at Westbere. I would like to walk from Westbere to Fordwich, bet there are loads on the whole circuit.

  4. It's very satisfying to achieve the images your after, I can vouch for that, as you saw on my blog. I just wish there were more Dragons about here, I could then pick and choose different angles! Good work again Marc, must be well pleased with those shots mate ;-)

  5. Some nice shots of the mating Marc, well done.

  6. Stunning shots Marc, certainly makes me want to get the Macro lens out :-)