Sunday, 11 May 2014

'More' Hairy Encounters

Well the weekends nearly over and I haven't been able to get out for a single session, my only comfort was that it was quite rainy and windy so hopefully I wasn't missing any dragonfly photo opportunities. During the back end of last week I took a number of photos of the Hairy Dragonflies, both male and female shots were taken as were some pairs mating. Their flight period is quite short so I have taken every attempt to get a few shots in the bag. Here are a few more from last week. Hopefully mid week the sun is forecast to shine and the winds drop so maybe a visit out for some Scarce Chaser action and maybe I will bump into a Four potted or Broad bodied Chaser as well!

Male Hairy Dragonfly 

Male Hairy Dragonfly Wing Pattern 

Hairy Dragonfly Wing Detail 

               Female Hairy Dragonfly

Male Hairy Dragonfly Up Close 

Male Hairy Dragonfly


  1. Right on, you have a vast amount of Hairy Dragonflies, there are enough to fill a memory card. They are tremendous Marc.

  2. You are really having fun with this species!!
    Brilliant photos Marc!
    The mating wheel is outstanding!!
    You master this 150mm lens to perfection!