Saturday, 19 April 2014

Back to the Pond!

I went back yesterday, 18th April to Westbere in the afternoon where a friend has a garden pond where the Large Red Damselflies have emerged in the past few days. Along with Sue, the owner, we had a good hour watching c7 Large Red Damselflies, most newly emerged drying out in the margins which allowed for some more practice with the macro lens with some pleasing results. I will make the most of the Large Red Damselflies for they are one of the easier damselflies to photograph and allow a close approach unlike many of the other blue damselflies which no doubt will give me the run around in the next few weeks to get some shots of. Weather permitting I should be seeing Variable, Azure and Blue tailed Damselflies soon so can't wait for the next outing and the next photography challenge!

Large Red Damselfly


  1. Nothing wrong with that lens then Marc! A very nice selection of images indeed :-)

  2. Wonderful, Marc, you are the man with macro, brilliant.

  3. Oh dear, those eyes!
    Done with the 150 mm I guess!
    As I said about your pics of the "Hairy" I am impressed with your mastery!
    I have seen very few of the Large red D around my place, still not much luck with our dragon friends although I saw a few Depressa yesterday but without my macro!! :(
    Cheers Marc!

  4. Exquisit detail here Mark. Fascinating to stop and stare at these whilst magnified larger than life.

  5. Stunning shots Mate, sure there will be more to come as the summer progresses :-) look forward it.