Thursday, 3 April 2014

Back to East Blean Woods

I decided on the way home tonight after work to call in to East Blean Woods to see if I could locate anymore Heath Fritillary caterpillars. Although still quite warm there was no sun at all and I didn't have much hope that I would find any. After tucking the socks in to prevent more Wood Ant bites which didn't work I set about looking through the leaf litter for them. I checked a raised area where quite a bit of moss was growing and bingo, I soon found 3 Heath Fritillary caterpillars resting close together. I then set about trying to get various shots of them and in between bites and hand holding the camera to get the shots I managed a few usable photos with a few actually turning out quite nicely, despite the lack of light and hand holding the camera which was probably not the best idea, hopefully a monopod will be arriving soon! At the moment these caterpillars are only about 7mm long and can be a nightmare to find but as the shots hopefully show, they are miniature wonders with lots of detail to them. I shall keep returning to try to improve upon the shots and learn about this macro photography, I would love an early morning shot of one with some dew on it, that could look nice! Last day at work tomorrow until I have 2 weeks of work for Easter, yiipppeeee!!

Heath Fritillary Caterpillar


  1. And he/she will grow up and a beautiful Heath Fritillary butterfly. Love it.

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