Sunday, 30 March 2014

WARNING: May Contain Wrens!

As mentioned in yesterdays post I have spent a few sessions trying to photograph the Wren, a super little bird with a big voice. Their song can be heard all around the Reculver area and this time of year the males often perch on the tops of bushes to proclaim their territories. Whilst sitting patiently yesterday a Wren was doing his rounds to the various bushes and often come back to the same perch or bush and after getting the sun behind me, looking what the background would be, I set about firing off a number of shots. The shot I have in mind really is the Wren completely sideways on to the camera, the bird in full view with a clean backgound, the Wren singing with the bill fully open and of course a good sharp image. I nearly got their yesterday but feel there is a bit more work to do but am happy with the progress so far. I shall keep trying and will get there soon. One more week at work and maybe a visit in the week should there be some arrivals in the area.



  1. Very nice though Marc :-) I dont know what it is about the Wrens plumage, it can sometimes never look in focus - a bit like the Treecreeper!!

  2. Brilliant Marc, they are superb.

  3. Oh my goodness, you must have been thrilled to manage these fabulous pictures!
    Although they are very common and familiar in our gardens, it is not that easy to get close enough to get this kind of photos!
    To answer your question about my Cordulegaster boltonii, yes I manage to approach them quite close.
    I like to get all the details of the dragons but you it this beautifully too!
    I frame tight for the blog but otherwise my pics are not that tight.