Saturday, 15 February 2014

Leica APO 77 Telescope and 20-60 Zoom Eyepiece FOR SALE

I have decided after much deliberation to sell me Leica APO 77 Telescope and Leica 20-60 Zoom eyepiece. This is due to to me wanting to but a new lens, a Sigma 150mm Marcro for dragonfly and butterfly photography. The scope only gets used a few times each year for seawatches and the occasional twitch and I think I would get far more value out of a new lens. The scope body itself is in excellent condition and comes with a Skua stay on case. The 20-60 eyepiece is also in excellent condition and has no marks or scatches from what I can see. The larger piece of glass at the end of the telescope has some coating issues but seems to look worse than what it is. I have spoken to a few people on forums about getting it recoated and the consensus seems to be that the quality will not be really improved at all. If I am honest which is normally a good thing I can notice a very slight impact on the quality of the view but it still remains a very good quality view according to myself and others that have looked through the scope. The telescope and eyepiece come in their original boxes and I am looking for offers around £600 + £15 postage. If you live local to me, Broomfield in Herne Bay, Kent, I am happy for you to come and view the scope for yourself. I have added a few shots of the Telescope and both the eyepiece and larger lens for you to see the coating issue. It still remains an excellent scope and has been well looked after. If interested please contact me using the tab on the top of my Blog.

Leica APO 77 Telescope / 20-60 Zoom Eyepiece / Skua Stay on Case


  1. I rarely use my scope either now marc, I agree a new lens would probably give more value for money :-) I'll go and have a look at the Sigma 150mm lens, and see what I reckon ( Like I'm an expert!!)

    1. Let me know your thoughts Warren, always interested in another's view. It seems to deliver some lovely shots for what I can see.

  2. Your Leica telescope, eye piece, and Skua case are all identical to mine Marc. So if anyone is looking for a review on this set of optical equipment then In my opinion they are as good as they come, though of course things move at a pace these days and soon become 'out of date' but at £600 pound you could get your hand bitten off. If my tripod is added to your list the total price new would be in excess of £2,000 pounds. As for little used, if I go birding without my telescope it's like going out without my pants on!!.

    So if anyone is looking for a package like this....SOLD.