Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wishing You a Bird Filled New Year!

The last post of 2013 and as I write the excitement is starting to build for my all day session tomorrow morning to kick off the New Year, although the weather forecast for the afternoon looks to be heavy rain and wind. I shall hopefully be out early to see how many species I can see in the Reculver area and with a bit of luck, maybe a quality bird or two. I have seen a few good birds this year, my Kent ticks being Dusky Thrush, Lesser Grey Shrike, Pallid Swift, Two barred Crossbill and Parrot Crossbill while adding new British ticks included Brunnich's Guillemot, Cirl Bunting and White billed Diver. My Reculver list continues to grow with Pectoral Sandpiper, Little Stint and Mealy Redpoll added whilst finding my first Reculver Wryneck was a personal highlight. I would like to thank all that have followed my adventures during the year and made time to visit and comment on my blog, its very much appreciated. Here's hoping for a good 2014 and may I wish you a Bird filled New Year.

Red backed Shrike - May 2013


  1. It doesn't look a very welcoming start for us in 2014 mate :-(

    Well done for finding the time and enthusiasm to keep the blog going Marc, I always enjoy your photo's and reports of whats been seen, be they birds, dragons or Flutters!

    Good luck mate :-)

  2. Happy New Year Marc, hopefully see you around in 2014

  3. May the birds keep on tweeting. Have a wonderful 2014.

  4. Thanks for your wishes Marc!
    Mine in return!
    Keep healthy and I wish you many great birding opportunities!