Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Introducing My New Website!

I have been contemplating making a photography website for some time now as it seems a shame to have so many photos unseen and just sitting on memory sticks and CD's so after speaking to Steve Ashton who I must thank for his help and guidance in putting this together, I am pleased to announce that my new website, Marc Heath Wildlife Photography is now up and running and can be viewed by clicking HERE. Its still work in progress and I am making my way slowly through lots of sticks and CD'S but it will slowly grow I hope into a useful photographic library of birds and wildlife I have encountered around Kent and elsewhere. I will continue to post my sightings as usual on my blog and have put a link to my website on the top of the blog. I hope you will find the time to take a look and maybe sign the guestbook and bookmark the site.


  1. Yes, a good idea Marc. And by the way, many thanks for including Birds2blog on your Blog List, much appreciated.