Thursday, 19 December 2013

Fantastic Fulmars

I managed to get out at the weekend for a quick trip to Foreness in the hope of seeing and photographing some Purple Sandpipers, a bird I have photographed but as ever, we are always looking for better shots in better light etc. On arrival it seemed I had got the tides rather wrong as the exposed area I was hoping to see the waders on was already covered by water. A little disappointed, I was going to turn back straight away but a few hundred yards away I could see a Fulmar flying close to the cliff face and thought I would take a look on the off chance for a photo or two. A wailing noise could be heard from the cliffs as I arrived and above me were 2 Fulmar on the cliff edge, the closest I have been to this species but the sun was not on them so photographs were not really on the cards. Thankfully there were others around and I managed to see 9 Fulmar which in the 30 minutes I spent there performed brilliantly flying up and down the cliff edge and banking in the sun to return past me only a few metres away at times. The camera was into some serious action and I managed to get a number of pleasing images, probably the best I have so far of this species. I'm sure I will have to return for the Purple Sandpipers and hopefully get the tides right. Anyway a brief but definitely worthwhile session. 



  1. Nice Job Marc, That's Fulmars wrapped up then, you wont get better shots than those :-)

  2. Brilliant Marc, beauty of a Fulmar, so well photographed.