Sunday, 27 October 2013

A 'Swift' Twitch

With my Kent list at a more respectable 331 species having added Two Barred and Parrot Crossbill last week, news broke of a Pallid Swift at Foreness which had been seen on and off for a few days. A few birders had tried in previous days without much success and I even heard that 5 Pallid Swifts had been seen in the area recently. I had no intention of making a birding trip today but after washing the cars I noticed that a Pallid Swift was again showing well at Foreness. A call to Phil Parker confirmed its attendance and so with the sun shining I made the dash there hoping to see another new Kent bird. On arrival c30 minutes later I met a few local birders and within a few minutes a Swift could be seen distantly over the cliff tops. I was told it would eventually make its way towards me but with the excitement of a new bird I could not wait and decided to go and walk further down the coast. Not long after the PALLID SWIFT was much nearer and through binoculars a few features could be picked out, the dark eye standing out well and the pale fringed breast along with the general paleness of the bird. Photos were going to be a challenge but after watching the bird for some while I put myself in an area where occasionally it flew by allowing me to grab a few rushes efforts, most attempts being of tails, wings and some blurred but in between them were a few usable efforts. Whilst photographing and chatting to other birders a second Pallid Swift was also seen along with a few House Martin and Swallow. Wow, 2 PALLID SWIFTS in one day and my Kent list jumping to 332 species. With some excellent views of the birds I made my way back to the car and home for a Sunday roast.

Pallid Swift


  1. ....and 'three down' - about to take the insect - is truly amazing Marc. And not just an image of a Common Swift, but one of a Pallid Swift....astounding even!.

  2. What brilliant pictures. From Findlay

  3. Excellent stuff Marc and that list is doing very well :-)

  4. Fantastic pictures... looking forward to Wednesday hopefully there will be something worth looking at.

    1. Yes Phil, it's in the diary for Wednesday. Hope some more goodies are around for us.

  5. Brilliant photos the Swift, a bit late.

  6. Great shots Marc , made yours and a lot of others a very happy Sunday.

  7. Oh dear!
    They are indeed excellent shots I would love to take one day!
    Truly awesome!
    Marc, herewith a link from Alain that might interest you about dragonflies:
    <a href="</a>
    Cheers, keep well

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  9. Brilliant efforts of the Pallid Swift Marc, you even got the fly it was chasing :-)