Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Day of the Wryneck's!

I have put some shots on my other blog, the Stour Valley Photo Blog ( of some Wryneck shots I managed to get today at Grove Ferry, one of 2 Wrynecks I managed to see today, the other one I found at Reculver this morning. Here is a taster shot.



  1. Really down to earth photography.

  2. Great find Marc, well done. Excellent shots too!

  3. Fantastic bird to find Marc, and to get such a good image is the icing on the cake :-)

  4. Great stuff Marc! Really good bird to find. I could do with one of these up here in Worcestershire!

  5. Fantastic shot!
    That is one bird I have been trying to photograph in Spain but up to now I had no success!
    I just love its plumage, it is so particular!
    Great to see it here!
    Your post on Dragonfly World is fabulous, thanks again!