Sunday, 11 August 2013

Chalkhill Blues at Lydden Downs

On my visit the other day to Lydden Downs near Dover I was treated to a glorious display of Chalkhill Blue as they flew around in their hundreds over the banks. On arrival you could be fooled that nothing was there but when the sun broke through it was like looking at a blue carpet. There must have been at east 400 Chalkhill Blue and i'm sure there were many more than I estimated. I spent some time trying to capture these butterflies on the camera with a degree of success. In the next few weeks there should be an emergence of Adonis Blue at this site and this has to be one of the most desirable of the Blues to see and photograph due to its amazing colour. Weather permitting I shall hopefully make a visit and obtain a few photos. 


  1. Great to see a butterfly species doing so well Marc, you done 'em proud with the camera :-) Good luck with those Adonis, hope the weather holds for you.

  2. The Chalkhil Blue butterfly, you have done it so excellent.