Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Few More From Kingsdown!

With no outing today it gave me some time to look through the hundreds of shots taken yesterday and remember what a fantastic trip it was. As well as seeing the Long tailed Blues I also saw and photographed a male Brimstone, a butterfly that I do no often encounter. Thankfully it posed for a few seconds allowing me to grab a few wanted shots.


There were also quite a few Chalkhill Blues around with a few seen mating making for more shots as well as a few Small Copper patrolling their territory vicariously against any intruders. 

Chalkhill Blue

Small Copper

One species seen quite well was the Wall Brown, a species that seems to have declined a lot over the years but a few posed nicely in the sun.

Wall Brown

Last but not least to finish this post off, the fantastic Long tailed Blue, still cannot quite believe I have seen one still, and in Kent. Weather permitting I shall be out in the next few days seeing what bird and butterfly life I can find and photograph!

Male Long tailed blue


  1. Ah! A classic set of Butterflies there marc, never seen a wall brown, and like you, I haven't got to many Brimstone shots! Get 'em while they're here!

  2. Great stuff Marc, a really good selection of Flutters there. Not sure if I'm going to be able to get down to see the Blues this weekend but would be nice.